Nature, Diverse and Splendid

The Desert of Maine and it's surrounding forest have remained a natural haven for Maines indigenous Flora & Fauna. See living trees half covered in sand. Puruse the various nature trails and see wild flowers, mushrooms,wild blueberries and many other varieties of nature's wonders...

Watch Sand Artists at Work

The Desert contains hundreds of shades of sands, running through the many colored veins in the Desert floor. Our Sand Designers make intricate shapes and patterns in glass bottles of varying shapes and sizes. The finished pieces may be viewed and purchased in our Gift Shop...
For a small fee, you can make your own Simple Bottle.

"No, we didn't dump it here!"

Geologists have established that a glacier that slid through the area 11,000 years ago-at the end of the last Ice Age or Pleistocene Period - left behind the sand and mineral deposits that today comprise the Desert of Maine...

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Scientists and writers the world over have attested to the Desert's authenticity. The natural phenomenon has been accorded recognition by such notables as Walter Winchell in his New York Daily News column and in Ripley's Believe It or Not. Also featured in Deserts of America, a Universal documentary.


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